Karen Blackburn Dance Academy

Mini Classes

Welcome to our Mini classes comprising of a variety of delightful lessons for our very youngest little dancers. Current classes include ballet, modern, tap, acrobatics (acro) street dance and musical theatre.

These classes are a wonderful way to introduce children to the joy of dance and theatre arts through movement exploration, story-telling, props, singing and drama.

Mini Ballet 1 (Nursery) and Mini Ballet 2 (Nursery)  Our lessons are inspired by classic children’s books whose themes are rotated on a regular basis throughout the year following seasonal and educational trends. Dance and mime is incorporated to make lessons a well rounded and memorable experience for each child.

Mini Musical Theatre (Nursery/Reception)  is a fantastic introduction to theatre arts combining dancing, acting and singing. These lessons provide our youngest students the opportunity to use their imagination and express themselves through public speaking in addition to building social and teamwork skills.   These are skills that your children can take with them into their school, their friendship group and beyond.

Acro Level 1 (From 4 years) We offer an early introduction to our Acro classes for children aged from 4 years and above. Help your little ones develop their physical skills including strength, balance and coordination in a fun and creative environment.

Mini Performers Combo (Reception,Y1 & Y2) This class will include Tap, Acro Street Dance and Musical Theatre. Children do not follow any syllabus but learn to explore dance through a variety of genres with a strong focus on fun and a sense of performance.

Classes are carefully designed to ensure that children explore their creativity in order to reach their full potential whilst all the time having FUN!

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