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KBDA Terms & Conditions


a) These terms and conditions, and any enrolment forms you have signed or will sign, constitute an agreement between you and Karen Blackburn Dance Academy

b) Attendance at class is also deemed to be acceptance of the current Terms and Conditions.

c) It is the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian to ensure that teachers are notified of any illness/injury that may affect the student’s participation at class and to keep us updated with any changes to this situation.

d) It is the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian to ensure that KBDA have the correct details on file for you and any children attending classes and to keep us updated of any changes in line with our privacy policy

e) KBDA have a uniform policy which must be adhered to for all classes.

f) It is the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian to keep updated with Academy news through visiting the website, parents login area and noticeboards at each venue where your children attends classes to be aware of all upcoming events. 

g) In the event that we consider you to be in breach of these T&C’s or that your child is disruptive to any students, teachers or venue staff we reserve the right to exclude your child from any activity within KBDA

h) KBDA hire premises from third parties – therefore all KBDA staff, parents, guardians and students must abide by the codes of conduct as set by those third parties. 

i) If wishing to take additional performing arts classes at any other institution or school, the principal must be informed on a termly basis. Permission must be granted prior to attending any classes or auditions because of potential conflicting schedules such as exam or performance rehearsals and exam dates and/or interests.



a) Selected photos and video footage of the students may be used in line with our privacy policy. If you do not wish for your child’s image to be used it is your responsibility to let us know in writing.


a) All new students attending KBDA activities must complete an enrolment form providing us with up to date contact information and relevant medical history.

b) Once enrolled within the school students must register which classes they will be attending each term.

c) Once registration is complete KBDA reserve the right to cancel/combine classes where class numbers are not sufficient. Where this occurs parents will be contacted directly.


a) Once registered for your class (es) an invoice will be sent electronically. Please do not make any payments prior to receiving your invoice.

b) Your invoice will advise how payments should be made. Our preferred method of payment is Online Bank Transfer (BACS) or Go Cardless (as indicated on your electronic invoice). Please ensure your invoice number is quoted as a reference on ALL transactions.

c) Cheques or cash are also accepted.

d) Cheque or cash payments can be accepted at class under the following conditions:

* Correct amounts should be in an envelope clearly stating your invoice number, student (s) name and classes attending on back of cheque.

e) Any dishonoured cheques will incur a handling charge of £10.00. KBDA reserve the right to refuse this method of payment if it has been abused in the past.

f) All fees must be settled by the due date as stated on the invoice. Non-payment of fees will result in the Academy having the right to suspend or cancel your child’s classes, examinations and festival entries.

g) Statements of your account can be made available upon request by contacting the office.

h) Any fees outstanding by the end of term will result in your child being unable to register for the following term’s classes.

i) Fees are not waivered in respect of family holidays, school trips or school exams. Fees may be waivered at the discretion of the Principal for short term sickness or injury.

j) Fees for extra tuition will be invoiced fortnightly.

k) When outstanding fees are due, additional lessons may not be booked unless by prior agreement.

l) For those who wish to spread the cost of fees over the term this must first be agreed with the principal to discuss a payment plan.


a) The following discounts are offered to families who participate in 4 or more classes per week.

10% 4-5 classes,
12% 6-7 classes
15% 8 plus classes

b) Discounts are based on regular timetabled classes only.


     a) Free taster classes are available for new and existing students wishing to try a new genre. Upon deciding to join the class fees will be charged for the remainder of the term and a discount cannot be applied to any lessons that have already had a free taster class.


a) In the event that KBDA has to cancel a class, every attempt will be made to reschedule the lesson missed.  Please note this replacement class may not always be on the same day and time of the original class.

b) Where we have provided an alternative class, credit will not be given for those who are unable to attend.

c) In the event of KBDA cancelling classes, where no alternative class can be provided a credit will be issued for the next term.

d) Occasionally it is necessary to temporarily change the venue of the class, or postpone it to a later date. Where this occurs, we will try to notify parents either by online noticeboard, website, email, word of mouth or social media where applicable.

e) KBDA reserves the right to cancel any classes up to and including the date that the class starts. Should this occur, we will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible.


a) Any termination of classes should be made in writing to the Principal giving one months notice.

b) Any outstanding monies owing must be settled at the time of leaving the school.

c) Any credit owed by KBDA will only be paid assuming the stated notice period has been received.

d) KBDA reserve the right to obtain fees including via legal methods where necessary.


a) Students will be invited to take part in dance competitions and festivals at the sole discretion of the Principal.

b) Additional fees will apply i.e. entry fees and private lessons. These fees will be invoiced separately from term fees on a fortnightly basis.

c) Students will be representing the school and should be aware of showing a professional conduct at all times. Logo uniform should be worn where possible and a neat appearance should be maintained.

d) Students and parents who are part of the Competition team must also sign the Festival terms and conditions.


a) All teachers are either qualified or working professionals in the Performing Arts Industry. All are DBS enhanced checked and insured. Due to the nature of teaching performing arts sometimes it is necessary to correct body positions physically. This is always conducted with the utmost care and professionalism.

b) We do not accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal property when students are attending classes – all items should be named.

c) Choreography & recordings used at KBDA remain the intellectual property of the school. Students who enter festivals and are no longer pupils of the school must not use any of the recordings, choreography or costumes which are integral to the idea of the piece. Students who are pupils of the KBDA and who would like to use dance pieces for school shows or other events must seek permission from the principal.


a) Any complaints should be made in writing within 7 days.

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