Karen Blackburn Dance Academy


All classes for KBDA require a uniform – although this is not expected until a student has fully registered for the term.  Uniform will vary between classes depending on the genre being taken.

In addition to regulation uniform we also have our own logo uniform which can be worn in some classes and is very popular as outerwear. It is also used when students are representing the school at any exhibitions or festivals.

  • For class uniform for ALL children (including modern and tap) please order via our online dance store kbd.mydancestore.co.uk
  • For Musical Theatre class uniform and logo uniform, (onesies, hoodies and crop tops) please email the school at admin@kbda.co.uk
  • For Mini Acro and Mini Performers  please wear logo uniform (logo tshirt etc) and plain black shorts or joggers with a cuffed ankle for BOYS or plain black hotpants or leggings for girls
  • For Acro 1 & 2 and Performers Development classes: –
    • GIRLS please wear either KBDA logo uniform (KBDA logo thirt, crop tops and plain black hot pants or leggings only) OR visit our online store https://kbd.mydancestore.co.uk/ to see our NEW Acro section with leotard and hotpants.  A small amount of leotards will be kept in stock for purchase – please email admin@kbda.co.uk
    • BOYS please wear KBDA male logo tshit with plain black shorts or joggers with a cuffed ankle.
    • Logo uniform is available from the Admin team at KBDA – please email admin@kbda.co.uk for a price list and sizes
  • For Modern & Tap Grades 4 and above  the uniform is a Roch Valley RV2380 black unitard. This is available to purchase from different suppliers including on ebay
  • Shoes, socks and tights can all be purchased from a variety of stockists as well as our online store.  If you are unsure of which type of your shoes your child needs for a class please visit the online store at kbd.mydancestore.co.uk and view your child’s class where you will be able to see the type needed.
Grooming is an important part of dance training and students are asked to please attend classes with appropriate attire and hair neatly secured in a bun.

Please note no jewellery or nail polish is to be worn during the classes.



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